Vandana Singh, an author out of Delhi, Portland, Austin, and leaf country (and incremental points between), has written six rich essays on writing, cognition, colonization, publishing, animal communities, and our biosphere at Jeff Vandemeer’s blog, Ecstatic Days

all in the form of smart conversation starters (and more). She’s moved on, a blog sitter while the owner was out of the country, and while she has her own site, she seldom sits still long enough to update it (leaving it in charge of her technologically capable daughter).

Our physical and virtual bookshelves house her non-Euclidean YoungUncle stories for “kids” (and people like me), and other large and small press collections with her short stories and novellas (Delhi, Of Love and Other Monsters, Thirst, The Room on the Roof, and much more). More importantly, she’s active in the health of this planet and its inhabitants, is a proactive parent, and a science teacher (professor of Physics at a Vermont college). In 10 fast years, from our first meeting in Portland through a mutual writer friend, I’ve watched her grow from a surface timid but interesting writer to a frequently published author whose work often sets me back in my chair and keeps me delighted, curious, and invested. I’m very proud to know her, even if geography keeps our friendship limited to correspondence, am inspired by her achievements and results, and am hungry as a pirate in a punt to obtain her first complete story collection, The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet and other stories.