Ripped from a recent job description for tech writing (instructional materials) for the Oregon Dept. of Justice. Everything you need to know about the job is in this snippet:

“Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.”

You don’t necessarily have to squint to glimpse the author’s intent. If you grant them intelligence and insight (perhaps more than they may have–better to see the glass as half full, even if it’s half full of arsenic), you can read it as a test. Maybe it’s a test of truth: they’re describing what you do every day, making something out of nothing, listening to your gut (if it growls, don’t do it!) or cherry picking from a few low hanging goals and slippery facts, or, god help you, producing whatever you think will please your employer most. Do they just want a functioning human being who can work with document templates? Or maybe they don’t want any big heads running around (as technical communicators), preferring instead humble friars. Or, as a friend said, maybe it means that they’re not going to tell you what you’re supposed to be doing.

Regardless, I think it sounds like a dream job. Especially if they stick you in the basement by yourself. You have no supervision. You have your own lab space. There’s probably medical marijuana stored nearby.