Trudi Topham, another WordPress blogger, has some educational things to say about/to ignoramuses like me who freely “create” tags and categories for our entries, perhaps thinking that these labels apply only to our own blogs as internal nav; not knowing that these tags are global to WordPress and are searched by people seeking (even casually) a random expulsion, tidbit of wisdom or paranoia, or insightful commentary or analysis that sparks.

Read her post. It’s a good one.

She inadvertently alerted me to this problem by commenting on my end of the week wordplay (what can you do with a nutriceutical), that led me to her blog and the lesson. With billions of monkeys at keyboards, there aren’t many unique tags I can create (unless I use the “strong password” method of combining special characters, upper and lower case, and integers; for example: $Nut-j0B!). Time for me to rethink how I’m categorizing and tagging so that I can gain appropriate readership and allow visitors to find all my delightful entries (there’s no “delightful” tag or category–that would be redundant).

The catch-22: that wordplay entry was, I think, miscategorized as “writing,” which probably led her to it, where she left a sensible comment about my favorite entry, which led me to her blog, which resulting epiphany caused me to recategorize that wordplay, which would have kept her from finding it, and me in cloudy bliss. It’s not fate, it’s just the Web. And using your mistakes like a flashlight.